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Tower 7 new graphics

Tower 7 returned from the graphics shop on May 13, 2016. The new graphics includes NFPA 1901 requirements such as the reflective stripes on the knuckle of the boom and all interior door markings. The main stripe is reflective red with a lower and upper non reflective black stripe. Also included with the graphics is the newly adopted DFD patch which shows off the landscape of the Dandridge area. DFD Fire Chief stated ” we are shooting for a first of the month (June) in service date depending on equipment arrival.” DFD operators are in the process of training to drive and operate the 2005 EOne 114′ Bronto.

Photo: V. Crawford

2016 APRIL 2016

Total call for service – 49
Town of Dandridge (City Limits) – 10
Jefferson County (DFD District) – 39
Mutual Aid (given) – 1
Mutual Aid (received) – 2

Man hours volunteered – 542.5 hours

2,352 miles placed on DFD response apparatus.

*The DFD responded to TWO working residential structure fires and one working vehicle fire.